Gary Coronado, Houston Chronicle

Gary Coronado, Houston Chronicle

"In 2006, frustrated by the insular poetry cliques around town, a group of poets launched an event that would bring poets together and put them on stages across Houston."


"Without literature, a community has no soul. Literary programs and live events inform and educate in an active, intellectually challenging way that other activities simply can’t compete against."

"For me it started with On The Road at a very young age. Like a lot of people, reading Kerouac literally changed my life.  It changed how I think, how I perceive literature, it influenced how I write and how I speak."
"Gros’s mesmerizing voice has a subtle power that draws you into the intense personal musings of his verse as he walks you through his own twisted logic."

"Texas poets Jonathan Moody and Stephen Gros share some of their latest work with us.  They are two of the guests-of-honor at this month’s Public Poetry Reading, taking place at the Houston Public Library’s McGovern-Stella Link Neighborhood Branch."

With Jonathan Moody on The Front Row

"Here's Stephen Gros looking very much the poet that he is at 6:30am @KPFT. Michael Woodson and Colin Hutchinson (his cohost debut) did a great interview."

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